Stories are how we care for ourselves.

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You. Are. Powerful.

Inside of you is an incredible version of yourself that could be unlocked by realizing your fullest potential. She is passionate, creative, and unapologetically herself. She self uses her talents to pour positivity into others who in turn pour back into her. Above all else, she takes charge of her destiny and writes her life story on her terms. She is within you. You just haven’t met her yet.

The sole purpose of this blog is to acquaint you with your greatest potential. Why? Because you deserve it! Haven’s Quill encompasses advice on self-care, creativity, and personal growth all wrapped up in a quick wit narrative with a creative story in every post! Around here, we’re all about stories, sarcasm, and self-care. So if you’re into bold words of wisdom and a touch of creative whimsy, this is the place for you!

Your Alter Ego

Maybe your alter ego is a social butterfly with lots of friends and a loving family who teaches you to open yourself up.

Or maybe she’s a wild spirit with a passport full of stamps and a camera roll full of memories who teaches you to take a chance.

Maybe she a powerhouse in a pencil skirt with an impressive resume and a career she loves who teaches you to stand up for what you deserve.

No matter who she is or how your story is written, let it be authentic, passionate, bold, creative, and unapologetically YOURS.
That said, allow me to introduce you to my personal alter ego and your self-care guide.

Meet Haven!

Often the eccentric narrator of my posts, Haven is a candid character with some crazy stories to tell. But every story has a lesson. Haven is the brutally honest friend every girl has. One that loves you too much to see you give up on yourself and whose true happiness comes from seeing you succeed. At one point, this fictional supergirl was all I had to get me through some really tough times. So what exactly does a fictional character do after she’s saved my world? She writes a blog of course!

My Journey

After I went off to college, life happened very quickly and it drastically changed my direction in a short amount of time. I found myself navigating through early adulthood bearing the weight of the world while trying to find out who I was and what I wanted out of life.

It’s safe to say I had no idea what I was doing in life. But I always kept my love of writing. On the page, the world wasn’t a lottery of setbacks coming one after another, but a beautiful creation that I designed so long as I could imagine it. I was the hero of my story who was strong and capable of anything.
I created Haven out of a need to see not only as I was but as who I could become. Creating a version of myself that I was proud to strive for helped me love myself enough to become the best I could be. Let me tell you, it was work! The day I decided to commit to my writing and my mental health was the day I took my first step towards happiness.

I took 3 years off from social media and committed to looking inward and revitalizing my life. Within that time, I realized I was in charge of my future. For the first time, I could write my ending and create a life I LOVED. I’ve come a long way and I am still learning every day to be unapologetically me. Every day I write my story. I edit often and I tell it well.

Why Haven’s Quill

As I progressed on my journey, I quickly found that I loved spreading positivity as much as I loved creating it for myself. I pride myself on being that one friend that’s crazy over the top when you accomplish something. (You know, the one who gets on the ground to get the best angle of you for Instagram. Don’t judge.)

So I started this blog as a creative outlet to pass along what I’ve learned and document my progress from now on. Through this character I made up years ago, I hope to be that over the top friend for anyone who needs it. I hope to inspire you to love yourself and the life you build.
You. Are. Powerful. And I won’t let you be anything less.

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