Liquid Lead

Liquid Lead

I was kind and kind hearted, blind and unthwarted in my attempts to make this world a better place

But you made me.. This

You swallowed my light in the abyss of your lies

You engulfed me in fury and squeezed the humanity out of my lungs

You clasped my ankles in your misery and pulled me under your insecurity

You seized my vision and buried me deep below my happiness

You crushed me under the weight of your ineptitude

You left me for dead

You watched me extend my arms to the shores of a distant past

You let me panic and buck for a breath of freedom

You let the cold slither along my legs as the darkness wrapped itself around me

And I let you.

I let you inject your lead into my veins

I let you poison my thoughts

I let you sink me into venge and spite.

I let you pollute my shores.

I let you raise the tides and blacken the sky

I let you drown my spirit and my pride

I let you sink me into the abyss I’d never dreamed I’d see.



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